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President Joe Biden took the podium for his first press conference before taking office and looked extremely uncomfortable throughout its entirety.  

Joe Biden has refused to face the press for over 2 months of his tenure as President of the United States.  Recent Presidents, including Trump, Bush, Obama and Clinton addressed public questions sooner and more often than the Biden administration has and plans to do.  Joe Biden has shown that he lacks presidential prowess in public speaking and being able to act as a leader for American citizens.  


The press conference was littered with awkward moments and was disappointing for Americans across the country.  In one instance, Biden spoke about former President  Trump saying, “My predecessor. Oh god, I miss him.” This was one of many strange moments, as Biden seemed to lose his train of thought many times throughout the conference.  


As the issue of the Southern border crisis is continuing to become more and more pressing for the country, Biden ducked the issue.  When asked about the border and this plan he said, “I will commit to transparency as soon as I’m in a position to implement what we’re doing right now.”  Reporters pressed him on the timeline and he said he does not know when there will be transparency.  


Joe Biden is not fit to run the country and he is incapable of instilling confidence in the American public.  He is working to tear apart all of the progress made by former President Trump and drive the country into the ground. 

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