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President Joe Biden announced that Vice President Kamala Harris will be tasked with handling the migrant crisis on the southern border.  

Biden was quoted saying, “I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this.”  Biden is making an attempt to hide from the bad press that the border crisis will bring amidst his passage of the $1.9 trillion dollar spending package.  Biden said that Harris will have full control of the decision making at the border and she “speaks for him.”  

In contrast, former President Trump had great achievements in securing the border during his tenure in office.  The Trump administration helped to create thousands of miles of border walls and he directly handled the decision making.  President Joe Biden is showing that he is afraid to take responsibility for the crisis he has caused in his early presidency.  

Since President Biden was inaugurated, the number of unattended minors and families arriving along the border has nearly doubled.  These migrants are hoping that Biden’s weak border agenda will allow easier passage into the United States.  These migrants will take away thousands of jobs and cost American millions in tax dollars to control their flow into the nation.

Joe Biden refuses to handle border security himself, donate to Defend US to help expose his weaknesses!