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More than 17 million Americans are jobless across the country, and Biden is considering adding 17 million foreign workers to help Big Business groups.  

Joe Biden has shown he will fail to honor campaign promises and will place more stock in foreign workers than struggling American citizens.  Big Business groups are failing the millions of Americans searching for jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  These groups are only looking to improve their margins rather than employ citizens.  


The proposal is showing that big business sees Joe Biden as an opportunity to increase the profits.  They are attempting to lift the travel restrictions enforced by President Trump even though Americans are still living during a pandemic.  The Biden team has created large restrictions to extend the lockdown environment related to COVID-19. 


The proposal would directly impact the bottom 25% of American citizens who have seen the most jobless since the beginning of the pandemic.  The Biden team will force the economic crisis to be continued for American citizens, and allow foreign nationals to benefit.  Economic responsibility is being threatened under Biden’s leadership.

President Biden is showing he will destroy all progress that has been made to achieve prosperity for Americans.  Sign up for Defend US PAC today to show you support American workers!