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Millions of Americans are affected by freezing temperatures and power outages in Texas, but President Joe Biden has completely ignored the crisis.  

Freezing temperatures and uncharacteristic winter storms have caused Texas power plants to be disabled and rolling blackouts to ensue across the state.  Biden has not publicly spoken on the disaster and is completely ignoring the state of Texas.  In fact, Joe Biden held a town hall on Tuesday night and did not mention the power issue one time.


Joe Biden is showing that he does not support Americans, and he will not be able to deal with tragedies that could occur during his Presidency.  Texas houses and communities are freezing over, and Joe Biden is silent on the issue.  During a media interview outside the white House, he did show sympathy for reporters that were standing in the cold.


Biden is committed to the passage of his aid package, and will ignore all other American issues until this is completed.  The Trump administration acted on multiple disaster relief efforts across the country within the first year of his presidency.  The Biden team is proving they are as heartless as many believed.

Donate to Defend US today to support the Texas communities that have been ignored by the President.