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Joe Biden is asking Congress for another 1.9 trillion dollars in COVID-19 relief, but there is currently over 1.3 that has not been accounted for, and house Republicans are calling for these funds to be identified and used before additional relief is given.

Representative Kat Cammack (R-FL) was the leader of a letter that calls for all COVID-19 relief funds to be identified.  Joe Biden is calling for a massive amount of money when there are billions and potentially trillions of dollars that are not scheduled to be used.  This comes on the back of a struggling economy because of shutdowns and restrictions around the country.  


Cammack, serving her first term in the House, is showing that there can be a strong Republican presence in Congress even during a time of Democrat control.  These leaders are  standing against the fiscal irresponsibility of career politicians and keeping the future economic security of the future.  


Stimulus packages have been presented by both parties since Inauguration Day, but Capitol Hill cannot agree on the volume in which to give relief.  Democrats are pushing for a large deal, but Republicans are trying to hold President Biden accountable for the billions of unallocated dollars that have been removed from the federal budget.  


The Biden team is showing they are willing to sacrifice the future of the country in order to gain billions from taxpayers as a part of a political play.  House and Senate Republicans are working hard to hold Biden accountable and protect the country with a Democrat controlled capital.

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