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The Christmas season in 2020 is full of COVID-19 regulations, election fraud, and the continuance of fake news by the leftist media.  

President Trump plans to celebrate Christmas at the White House and continue to work hard for American citizens to fight for all that is right in the world.  Trump is pushing for a larger stimulus package for citizens and continuing his legal battle to challenge the 2020 election results.  He has led the country through 2020 and given Amercians the ability to move into a post-Covid era.  


President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed has began to deliver vaccines to the first responders and the most at risk citizens in the country.  This vaccine was delivered incredibly quickly and Americans can thank President Trump for putting the team together to get this done.  


The 2020 Election counted many votes that are both questionable and potentially illegal across the country.  These votes include ballots cast after Election Day, phoney mail-in ballots, and even some from deceased people.  President Trump continues to fight against election fraud.  


Most recently, Trump vetoed the Stimulus Package in order to make sure there is more in it for American citizens and business owners.  The package that was passed would have only given Americans $600 dollars and was full of unrelated materials.  President Trump’s Christmas gift is protecting American lives. 


Merry Christmas from Defend US!!