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President Trump and first lady Melania tested positive for coronavirus Friday, early signs point to smooth and simple recovery for both cases. 

President Trump announced on Twitter that he and Melania have contracted COVID-19 and are beginning the quarantine and recovery process immediately.  It is expected that the disease was contracted after exposure to senior counselor Hope Hicks.  At this time, the Trumps have reported mild symptoms and all signs point to a quick recovery.  


Former White house physician Dr. Ronny Jackson weighed in the news regarding the President and first lady.  He advised that President Trump does not have heart, lung or other complications that could put him in a high risk category.  Additionally, he advised that over 99.5 percent within that age category recover spontaneously.  


President Trump is expected to make a full recovery within 7 to 10 days.  While the Trumps conduct their quarantine the campaign is likely to continue through various forms of remote connectivity to the American people.  President Trump is going to continue to perform all of his presidential duties while taking safety precautions for his aides and other white house staffers.  


Dr. Jadkson weighed in on the reactions of the liberal community within the media and on social networking sites.  He gave his opinion that it is common for far-left individuals to dehumanize and disrespect the life of the President.  He finished his comments saying, “It’s un-American for anyone to be wishing harm upon our president.”


President Trump will defeat COVID-19 and will continue to fight against Joe Biden as the election approaches.  The president needs the support of the American people throughout leading into November and most importantly during his recovery. 

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