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The Joe Biden campaign team has refused to commit to the Trump campaign’s request for  an ear inspection for an electronic device after agreeing to the proposal a few days prior.

President Trump’s campaign team requested that an unbiased third party inspection of both candidates’ ears to ensure no electronic listening devices are used during Tuesday’s debate.  The Biden campaign agreed to the proposal initially, but they have since backed out from that commitment and are now refusing the request.  Joe Biden;s mental capacity continues to be questioned leading into the November election.  

According to other reports, the Biden team has requested breaks every thirty minutes during the live debate.  This leads many voters to question the stamina of Joe Biden and his ability to complete the debate and ultimately lead the country.  All signs point to a lack of competence from Joe Biden.  

President Trump has welcomed live debates since the beginning of the campaign process, but the Biden team has delayed these events for as long as possible.  They have used COVID-19 to take advantage of the election process and were reluctant to allow Joe Biden complete live events.  The Trump team is ready to take on Joe Biden in the live debate atmosphere and show why the president should be re-elected in November.  

Joe Biden needs all the help he can possibly get to look serviceable as a candidate in the presidential race.  He continues to show that he cannot lead the country and will hide behind the Democratic party leaders if he were to be elected. 



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