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    President Trump’s job approval increased by 6 points in the last week, up to 52 percent of likely voters approve of President Trump according to Rasmussen Reports. 

    Donald Trump’s job approval took a hit throughout the China originated coronavirus pandemic, but it appears that he is regaining support.  The president has a 52 percent approval rating which is 4 points higher than Obama at this point in 2012.  The Trump campaign has shown that he is the best option to help the country recover from the impacts of COVID-19.  


    Presidential approval ratings have not been at this level since February 25th, before the government-led shutdowns.  This survey specifically targeted likely voters from around the country.  This shows that President Trump is gaining momentum as the country approaches the November election.  


    There have been a number of accomplishments that have helped the president in the last few months.  The economy has added over 10.5 million jobs in the last four months as stores and other pieces of industry re-open.  The president has also worked on limiting violence and rioting that has sparked around the country.  


    President Trump is making major progress against Joe Biden in the battleground states.  He is proving that he is the best option to lead the country out of the turmoil that has been caused in 2020.  Economic redevelopment is crucial and Joe Biden would drive the nation into the ground on many levels.  

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