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    Joe Biden has been an avid supporter of rioting and looting in major cities for liberal causes  by extremist groups, but he is blaming Trump personally for all of the violence.  

    President Trump has offered the support of federal forces in order to help stop violence in many major cities across the country.  Democratic mayors have widely refused the support of federal police as a political play against President Trump.  Biden has supported the decisions of these mayors and shown that he will continue to put Americans in danger if he is elected.  


    Biden attempted to attack President Trump and his ability to make moral decisions as a leader.  Biden attempted to attack the concept of “law and order” and claimed that that gave President Trump a false sense of ethical thinking.  Joe Biden is showing that he will continue to support mass rioting for liberal causes across the country.  


    Biden’s remarks are a reaction to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  This is the most recent cause being brought up by Black Lives Matter protesters that have caused massive amounts of damage to cities around the country.  Biden is trying to put the violence on President Trump, but the underlying causes have been sparked by the far-left agenda.  


    President Trump is working hard to stop rioters that are terrorizing the American people.  Joe Biden is looking to de-fund the police and breed crime across the entire country.  The American people cannot take the violence any longer, and it is so important to ensure President Trump is re-elected in November. 

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