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Former Vice President and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden stated that the pro-Trump Portland victim was killed because he and others were “inciting responses.”

    Joe Biden allowed the press to ask questions in an uncommon public event Wednesday and addressed questions regarding protests across the country.  He first commented that the police officers in the Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor shootings should be criminally charged.  In the same breath, he commented that the “Trump guys” were killed and it was their fault.  


    The main suspect in the killing of Aaron “Jay” Donaldson is Michael Forest Reinoehl, a public supporter of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  This continues a string of violence by these groups that have led mass riots around the country and in the Portland area.  Donaldson was part of a caravan of Trump supporters that counter protested throughout the last week.  


    Biden made these comments without any evidence that Donaldson had committed  any violent acts.  According to all known evidence, Donaldson was not killed during a confrontation between the two groups, but during a time of peaceful demonstration.  Joe Biden has shown he is not willing to look at facts, and will attack any Trump supporters if elected in November.  


    President Trump has continued to offer federal support to the Portland community to help stop the rioting.  Portland leadership has not allowed the President to send forces to the community to help stop the property damage and violence.  Joe Biden attacks anyone that does not fit his far-left agenda.  

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