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President Trump has worked with federal law enforcement to combat violence and 1,485 arrests have been made under the “Operation Legend” initiative. 

Operation Legend draws its name from the death of 4 year-old LeGend Taliferro who was shot and killed in his sleep on June 29 in Kansas City.  The initiative allows local and state police to coordinate with federal authorities to help track down violent criminals that have committed heinous crimes and remove them from the public.  


    Almost 220 individuals that have been arrested are facing federal charges.  This is helping to alleviate the trial process and allows for less red-tape when criminals are going through the legal process.  This is helping to make cities safer and stop future situations related to LeGend Taliferro.  


    Attorney General Anthony Barr spoke on the issue during a Kansas City press conference.  “That’s more than 90 suspected killers who might still be on the streets without Operation Legend, our work is just getting started, there is no more important mission for the Department of Justice than keeping our communities safe.”


    President Trump and the federal government are showing a commitment to proactive crime fighting.  This means targeting offenders with more stringent sentences in order to prevent 2nd offences from occurring throughout the country.  Donald Trump is constantly working to keep the country safe, while democratic leaders are looking to remove and reduce sentences for violent criminals.

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