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President Trump spent time with Minneapolis business owners that were impacted during the George Floyd riots.

Trump spoke on the actions of Joe Biden’s running mate Sen. Kamala Harris for asking for donations to bail out those who were arrested during the riots.  “Their sympathies lie with lawbreakers and with criminals, my heart is with law-abiding, hard-working Americans like these people, and my heart is also with the great men and women of law enforcement.”


    The Trump administration is tough on crime and he recognizes that rioting has been empowered by liberal leaders on a local, state, and national level.  President Trump advised that he will work with these business owners to help recover their losses and move forward past the riots.  President Trump has shown that he will never allow criminals to affect his decisions, and he will attack the liberal leaders for being easy on these rioters.  


    President Trump has also advised he will never support the defunding of police departments, and he recognizes the absolute need for strong police forces across the country.  There are many cities with liberal mayors that are pushing for less law enforcement, and the crime rates continue to rise in these areas.  They refuse to protect their citizens, and the many businesses across the country.  


    It is time to end the rioting and the attack against business owners and police departments.  President Trump has shown he will support these great causes and will not allow the country to be ripped apart. 

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