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President Trump conducted an interview with Breitbart News in which he spoke on the consequences of a Biden Presidency. 

“If Biden wins, it will be chaos in this country,” Trump said.  He told the interviewer that there would certainly be Portland riots  across the country and a massive stock market crash. The prospects of a Biden presidency are incredibly concerning for Americans and can lead to horrible results.   

    Joe Biden has sided with Black Lives Matter protesters and supports the defunding of police departments across the country.  This would breed a society in which crime can continue to rise without an appropriate police response.  This is seen in many liberal-led cities and the culture of crime is being embraced by many leftist groups.  

    President Trump has worked tirelessly to create a strong stock market that allows for Americans to maintain wealth.  This has helped to create many jobs and bring manufacturing jobs back to US citizens.  Economic growth will be incredibly important as the coronavirus pandemic ends, and Joe Biden will look to institute higher taxes and other economy-crushing policies.  

    President Trump has also accomplished an incredible amount of achievements within his first term.  These include record setting stock market performances, the creation of Space Force, and many actions to help preserve national parks and other wildlife across the country.  President Trump has also proven that he is tough on crime, and he is ready to combat the crime waves led by leftist extremists.  

    Joe Biden lacks the ability to lead the country and will do everything he can to actively destroy President Trump’s progress over the last 4 years.  He will create a society that gives power to criminals and refuses to help hard working Americans. 

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