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First, China tries to lie about the origin and number of COVID-19 cases while blaming the United States for its outbreak, and now they are trying to SPY on American citizens through TikTok.

This is enough! President Trump is taking the right steps to defend Americans from China’s flagrant attacks on our nation by banning TikTok. 


Cybersecurity experts found TikTok secretly spying on its users by logging what its users have copied in their clipboard. This means if you have copied a piece of text in another app, then TikTok can see it and send it to their servers for its analysts to view. TikTok denied this allegation and blamed it on bad programming from their developers, so they pushed a new update to user’s phones claiming they resolved the issue. However, TikTok was found red handed once again doing the same exact thing. It seems their only intention is to spy on Americans.


TikTok has gained massive popularity among teenagers, adults, and people in powerful positions alike, as it has been a method for people to spread information through entertainment and dancing. Because many have been home without work, TikTok has gained millions of downloads throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 


There are 65-80 million Americans at risk of being spied on with their information analyzed by foreign governments. It is impossible to know exactly what information TikTok already has, or aims to get. Thankfully, President Trump is fighting back to ensure innocent American and their privacy is safe from the Chinese Communist Party.

If you agree with action being taken against this Chinese spy software sign our petition today to stand with President Trump!