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The Trump re-election campaign released a new ad that featured his opposition, Joe Biden, hiding in his basement.  The ad points out Biden’s failures throughout his political career.  These include his endorsements of a massive tax hike, open borders, and many policies that would give US jobs to foreign workers.


The Trump administration is showing that they will not hide from the public, and they are working diligently to increase the well-being of Americans.  President Trump is working incredibly hard to bring jobs to the United States and help Americans maintain higher wages.


Joe Biden has announced his cognitive ability is completely fine and in great health, although he has had many public mishaps.  Most recently, Confused Joe stated that he will not have a cognitive test taken although he claimed he had taken one before he stated his campaign.  The Biden camp is afraid of debate, and they know that he is no match for President Trump.


The Trump campaign is working very hard for his re-election and this ad helps to point out the many reasons that Joe Biden is an incompetent candidate.  He will look to tear down all of the progress that President Trump made in his first term.  Joe Biden and his liberal friends will look to take advantage of Americans in order to make themselves richer.

Watch the New Campaign Ad today!

President Trump has been attacked by the mainstream media and his amazing work is being ignored by liberals around the country. Joe Biden is hiding from the world because he knows he is no match for President Trump. Defend US supports President Trump and his re-election campaign, donate today to help him win in November!!