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President Trump was vocal about his opposition for the 2020 election saying, “Joe Biden’s whatever they tell him to be” during a Wednesday Press Conference. President Trump is pointing out that a vote for Biden is a return to the cycle of career politicians that have dominated the Democratic party for years. Trump also brought up the comments Biden has made in agreement with radical Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Additionally, Sanders is calling for all Progressives to support Biden in order to bully him into being a more radical individual.  This would be to enact far-left policies such as the Green New Deal and raise taxes by billions of dollars.  Left wing politicians like Nancy Pelosi have shown that they can sway Biden and force him to act in certain ways. 


President Trump is a complete departure from the life-long power craving politicians that have ignored the needs of real Americans for many years.  President Trump sees how the Democrats are praying for a Biden victory so they can line their own pockets and increase their wealth.  Trump was quoted, saying ““They are dreaming about Joe Biden. They dream about it every night. They go to bed, they say please Joe, let Joe win, we will so be rich.”


Joe Biden is on a crash course and he would destroy all of the progress made by President Trump.  He would demolish the economy, open the borders, and defund police departments nationwide.  His commitment is to the radical liberal agenda, and he has refused to recognize the livelihood of American citizens. 

President Trump needs your help to ensure he is victorious in November. Four more years of President Trump will make America even greater than it has become during his first term. 

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