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            Joe Biden has shown his true colors once again and called the violent rioters in the Portland area “Peaceful”.  These protesters are completely ignoring the crime and violence that these rioters have conducted, including the mass destruction of federal property.  The Federal Courthouse is the most recent victim, which was vandalized and nearly set on fire. 


            Joe Biden criticized President Trump’s plans to use federal law enforcement to stop the destruction of many liberal cities.  Joe Biden has no respect for these buildings and other monuments that continue to be destroyed, and he will continue to fight against the American people.  The police in Portland are being forced to deal with these riots that do not seem to have an end in sight. 


            President Trump allowed the Department of Homeland Security to provide assistance in Portland and help to stop the violence.  Biden admitted that he would not use federal forces to help stop violence and will always allow violence to be a means of protesting. 


            Biden has a history of supporting violence throughout his political career.  The Obama-Biden administration openly supported Occupy Wall Street and violence in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is a major concern for the potential safety of America if Joe Bien would be elected.  He would allow for lawlessness and violence across the country. 


            President Trump is committed to taking back the cities that have been subjected to violence as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.  He understands that these riots should not be celebrated, and protesting cannot lead to destruction of the country.  President Trump also has shown great support for the many policemen and women across the country throughout his Presidency. 

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