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            Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s proposed plan for tighter gun control would make it very difficult for working class Americans to afford ownership.  Biden would increase the normal tax on these firearms and require a $200 fee to register all “assault weapons”.  This fee would also be required for all weapons that are currently owned across the country. 

Working class citizens cannot be expected to pay these ridiculous fines for exercising their 2nd Amendment right to ownership.  The major problem with the plan is the attack on conservatives without a massive checkbook.  Joe Biden has shown that he will attack the rights of American citizens if he is elected. 


President Trump has used his power to pave the way for more freedom in gun ownership.  He has worked to give all Americans a fair chance to embrace the 2nd Amendment. Additionally, President Trump would never enact a policy that so clearly discriminates against any socioeconomic group. 


Joe Biden’s plans for the country will allow the rich to continue to live in whatever manner they please while the lower and middle classes are further oppressed.  Joe Biden wants to disarm the working class because they pose a threat to liberal ideals, he would strip the guns away from anyone who cannot afford these fines.  He has proven that he would lead the country into turmoil and tarnish all the progress that has been made under the Trump administration. 


It is so important to show support for President Trump as November approaches.  Additionally, Americans must recognize Joe Biden’s proposed policies that the mainstream media refuses to show.  President Trump is a powerful proponent of the 2nd Amendment, and he will always protect the rights of gun owners across the country!