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An Atlanta cat that has been deceased for 12 years received a voter registration in the mail, further confirming the lack of validity that a vote-by mail system can obtain.  The owner decided to report the mistake, but also said that the cat would have voted Democrat.  This type of mistake may have happened thousands of times across the country. 

President Trump has been adamant in his opposition to a vote-by-mail system.  There is a documented history of voter fraud that the Democrats are trying to exploit in the upcoming election.  This is an entire scheme to beat President Trump because they know they will lose if they play fairly. 


Additionally, liberal led groups have begun running campaigns to target qualified individuals to enroll in the vote-by-mail system.  They are pouring millions of dollars into these schemes to develop a fabricated advantage for creepy Joe Biden.  The Biden campaign has supported these systems since he announced his campaign. 


Voter registration should not be used as a means to gain a political advantage.  Joe Biden is attempting to pain Donald Trump as an enemy to liberal America.  He is ignoring his many wrongdoings since the inception of his political career.  He has committed heinous crimes and taken advantage of taxpayer dollars to help out his own family. 


Donald J. Trump recognizes the danger that this type of election introduces to American people.  It leads to more vulnerability and could potentially allow foreign entities to meddle with American elections.  President Trump has the silent majority, and he needs continued support throughout the election process. 

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