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            Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) released their radical plans to establish a “unity platform”.  Biden has claimed that he is a moderate candidate, but this agenda is rooted in extremely liberal ideals.  The platform also highlights economic changes that have been instituted by President Trump. 


            The proposals in this plan include re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement and shifting the fleet of 500,000 school buses to “zero-emission alternatives”.  Both of these initiatives are unlikely to significantly impact environmental change, and be a massive economic hurdle for the federal government.  Biden wants to send the country into debt in order to hang onto the role as the “environment friendly” candidate. 


            The plan also includes provisions to control the authorities of police and other forms of law enforcement across the country.  It would eliminate “cash bail” allowing dangerous criminals awaiting trial to freely roam the streets without consequence.  It would also prevent police from arresting violent children, and would allow the schools to handle punishments.  These initiatives create a dangerous precedent for criminals and would open the door to increased crime. 


            The other major points concern illegal immigration, opposition to private schools, and increased welfare across the country.  President Trump has shown that he has implemented many initiatives that help the prosperity and continued success of the American people.  Biden and Sanders are looking to destroy that progress and increase taxes for Americans. 


            Defend US recognizes that President Trump is far superior to Joe Biden in every category.  Biden has shown that he will attempt to appeal to the liberal masses and use the lying liberal media to his advantage.  President Trump will be victorious in November and Americans will avoid liberal-led disaster. 

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