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The “Biden Center” is catching major criticism as they have failed to disclose around $70 million in gifts from China since 2017.  These gifts have not been disclosed, but federal law requires any foreign gift over $250,000 to be reported and the donor to be identified.  Biden’s history with the Chinese government is well documented and all Americans should be concerned with this relationship. 

            The “Biden Center” is using Chinese money to fund its entire operation.  Over $22 million of the total amount came out of Beijing and was listed as an anonymous donor.   The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed a complaint against the University.  They claim that the $22 million came from the Chinese Communist Party. 


            The former vice president has shown that he will do anything in his power to gain advantages for the people and groups he is affiliated with. President Trump, along with GOP representatives have been openly vocal in their criticisms against the Chinese government’s handling of COVID-19, and they have outlined plans to hold China accountable.  Biden’s relationship with Chinese officials proves he will quickly bow down to China in order to cover his tracks. 


            President Trump said earlier this week that China is “desperate” for Biden to win the election in November.  The president has claimed that, without his leadership, China will continue to “rip-off” the United States.  Joe Biden has a very well documented history of corruption, and the American people cannot afford to let him take the Presidency. 


            Joe Biden has used the Chinese as a pocket book for the organizations, family members, and allies he has made throughout his life as a career politician.  President Trump has built his own legacy and will not stop until China pays for their decades of abuse against American citizens. 


            Joe Biden wants to let China control the United States and he has shown he will let foreign powers buy his support.  Sleepy Joe is the ultimate sell out and is a symbol for political corruption. 

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