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New York City, home to over 8 million Americans, is being run by a bunch of fools. And the guy at the top is Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was late to address the coronavirus, and had his residents pay the price for it with their lives. Now, he is refusing to lift his draconian measures, and in turn costing the city billions of dollars.


Realizing how much of a hole he put his city in financially, he’s now asking the federal government and the state of New York to help bail him out. The coronavirus caused New York City an estimated revenue loss of $9 billion. The new estimates are $2 billion worse than originally thought.


“We have lost billions upon billions of dollars of revenue that we use to serve our people,” de Blasio explained. “It’s gone. It’s not coming back. The only way to possibly keep this city functioning and keep the services provided, keep people on our payroll, is if we get a really substantial stimulus program from Washington.”

And what is de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doing to save New York City’s economic nightmare? Keeping the harsh lockdown measures in place. While many other states and cities nationwide are finding ways to reopen their economies, NYC is under a stay-at-home order until June 13th.

Governor Cuomo floated mid-June as a potential time frame for Phase 1 of reopening. For comparison, the state of Georgia started a similar reopening measure in late April. They chose to lighten the blow for their citizens financially, but the eight million residents of New York City will have to face an economic apocalypse.

“There is literally no way that we can solve this problem without federal help or without having to make very, very painful choices that will affect the quality of life in this city, our ability to provide basic services and how many people we’re able to employ to support you in the middle of a pandemic.” said de Blasio on Wednesday.

So while de Blasio is pleading for money, he is refusing to do anything to re-open his city. Why do taxpayers have to keep bailing out deep blue cities that can’t manage their money correctly or even attempt to help themselves? If you agree, sign up for Defend US updates today!