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The cheat-by-mail voting scheme has been pushed in the past few months by Democrats eager to take advantage of the pandemic to push their own agenda. The idea behind the scheme is to send mail-in ballots to all registered voters within a state, so that way they don’t have to show up to the ballot box.

While mail-in ballots, or absentee ballots, have been around for a while, one normally has to go through a process to obtain one. The applicant must answer a series of questions as to why they’re requesting the absentee ballot. But now, liberals nationwide are pushing for the mail-in ballots to be sent to everyone and waive the questionnaire.


California was the first state to announce they’d be sending mail-in ballots to all registered voters for the general election, but a new state joined them this week. The state of Michigan announced that they too will be sending absentee ballots to all voters in the state.


The Democratic Secretary of State for Michigan, Jocelyn Benson, ignored the clear concerns surrounding ballot harvesting and instead pushed for her vision of the vote-by-mail scheme, which she outlined in a tweet Tuesday.


“No voter should have to choose between their health & their vote. And every Michigan citizen has a right under our state constitution to vote by mail. With funding from the federal CARES act, I am ensuring every registered voter has the tools to conveniently exercise that right.”


It’s all smoke in mirrors, as the true intentions behind vote-by-mail is that it could push Democratic turnout. The chances of election fraud and ballot harvesting skyrock with mass absentee voting. And in a state with such electoral significance, Democrats are doing everything they can to make sure they don’t lose Michigan again.


The vote-by-mail scheme has the support of influential Democratic playmakers, like Michelle Obama. She has been heavily pushing for the program despite rising concerns of election fraud.

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