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            President Trump has developed many measures to help aid in the rapid and seamless recovery for American citizens from the coronavirus pandemic.  He is now utilizing the US military to develop a distribution chain for the vaccine.  President Trump has also commented that he is hopeful a vaccine will be ready by the end of 2020. 

            This mobilization works in tandem with the president’s “Operation Warp Speed” platform.  This is the vaccine driven initiative that is looking to have close to 100 million does ready by this fall.  President Trump has pushed drug companies to make this their top priority in order to help Americans recover from COVID-19 from both a health and economic standpoint. 


            In order to vaccinate over 300 million people there needs to be a great plan in place well before the solution is created.  President Trump has shown that he will take every measure to help the American people achieve sustained prosperity.  The unprecedented work between the public and private sector is helping to achieve the goals of slowing the spread and moving toward a permanent cure. 


            Trump and the White House coronavirus task force have urged these drug companies to commit to research by promising federal funds upon completion.  Millions of tests will be purchased and ill allow the drug companies to remain profitable.  The health of the American people is the top priority of President Trump and he is looking to defeat the virus using any possible measure. 


            The US military will be a vital piece in the recovery process as the vaccine distribution is a daunting task.  President Trump has proven that he can utilize foresight and help to prepare the country for an amazing recovery.  The President is committed to America and the American people!

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