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Left-Wing news outlet Reuters has consistently released polls that have shown Biden to hold major advantages over President Trump. The polling shows Biden to be ahead of President Trump by two points, down from eight on April 21st. The Trump polling numbers are widely believed to be inaccurate and Trump tends to hold much more support than is shown.

An important measure amid the economic downturn caused by Coronavirus that was included in the poll was the question of “who’s better suited to create jobs.”  President Trump holds a 13-point lead against Creepy Joe.  Biden’s support has taken a major plummet as many sexual assault allegations have been brought against the former Vice President. 


            Joe Biden has taken a major hit as more information has surfaced regarding the Tara Reade sexual assault allegation.  Another poll indicated that over thirty percent of Americans believe that these allegations are credible.  This number has steadily grown as Reade has not faltered in her description of the violent event.  These developments have hurt the Presidential candidate and show how many more Americans are favoring President Trump.


            Of course, this is one poll from a very left-wing source, but it shows that the President is gaining more confidence from his Coronavirus response.  Americans are beginning to see, once again, that he will lead to economic growth and help fuel the recovery efforts.  The American economy was at an all time high before the coronavirus breakout, and Trump deserves all of the credit for these gains. 


            Joe Biden as proven that he lacks the competency to effectively lead the United States.  Sexual assault allegations have shown the public that his integrity must also be questioned at the most fundamental level.  As the country moves out of COVID-19 lockdowns, a strong, economic minded President like Trump is needed to ensure a financial recovery. 

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